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Lupine Pet's Panda Land Collars & Leashes

March 10, 2017  •  Leave a Comment
Before I get to the juicy details of this post I must first make a confession.  I have been using Lupine's collars and leashes since adopting Sugarbear from the Shelby County Humane Society back in September of 2009.  She had the Puppy Love design and that bright pink looked awesome against her fawn coat, but that's another story.  Since then I have recommended Lupine's collars and leashes due to them being 100% guaranteed, even if chewed.  I can't tell you how many people I know that have purchased and used these collars and the whole time I had been pronouncing the company name wrong.  It's pronounced Lu-Pine, like a pine tree, not Lupine, like a clean tub.  Glad I got that sorted out before I sounded like a complete idiot on the phone with them.  Now on to the good stuff, Lupine Pet's Panda Land Collars & Leashes
Lupine Pet is releasing a new collar/leash set design called Panda Land, and it is really cool, and really bright!  That's another reason I love this company is their bright colors and they look spiffy on the dogs that we got to model them.  And now, meet our first set of models, Lou and Rogue (puppy)
Rogue had a rough start to life as she was stuck in the birth canal when trying to make her entry into the world.  She had to be removed by an emergency C-section and had CPR among many other life saving procedures to be done.  There were a few other pups in the litter and they were all normal but Rogue decided she had a hard fight and wanted to take her time.  She was very small at birth and had to be "adopted" early to a really good friend of the family who just happens to be the head vet tech at the Humane Society Pet Rescue & Adoption Center in Gadsden, Alabama.
Through vitamin supplements and making sure her siblings wouldn't hurt her accidentally since she was so small she has made a full recovery and is growing like a weed, a really strong weed.  Her photo shoot buddy is named Lou, he is a show dog that belongs to the human mom of Rogue's mother.  Needless to say these two were a hit with the folks at Lupine and that's great because I always use rescued and/or adopted pets in my pet product photo shoots.  What better way for all parties to benefit than that?  And be honest, who could say no to either of these faces?  Oh and did I mention both Lou and Rogue have to have their peanut butter in small to go cups now?  "Thank you Mr. Brian!"  lol
Sit back, relax and turn on your sound for this behind the scenes video of the velvet hippos during their Lupine Pet photo shoot!

Willow (aka Lili)

Oh but wait, there's more!  Lou & Rogue weren't the only models I got to work with on this photo shoot for Lupine, there is yet another very special girl I want you to meet.  Her name has changed to Lili now, but I can't stop calling by her original name Willow, sorry Lisa.  Willow is a young female Harlequin Great Dane who has also had a rough start to life.  Back in December 2016 I started serving on the Board of Directors for the Humane Society Pet Rescue & Adoption Center in Gadsden and we had our new member orientation walkthrough about 2 weeks before Christmas.  Folks, that was a hard walk because the shelter was full of faces that just wanted to go home and be loved.  I don't play favorites when it comes to animals but there was one dog there that just broke my heart.
She was not the friendliest dog that night.  She was barking, frightened of everything and everyone, emaciated beyond belief, she was not as big around as my leg and I don't have big legs.  Due to being so malnourished she had to wait a few weeks before she could have her spay surgery. On December 19th I got to meet Willow for the first time while she was hanging out in the lobby of the shelter getting some attention from one of our awesome volunteers.  I walked in through the admin hallway and she was hugging the volunteer so I had to take notice.  I remembered she was very unsure the first time I saw her so I gave her space and didn't approach her.  She just stared at me as if very curious but not really scared anymore which was a relief to her I'm sure.
Being a photographer and working with so many different types of animals certainly has its advantages when knowing how to read body language when working with an unsure pet.  Willow was curious with her body language and loose on her lead, but she likes to bark to alert others that she is unsure.  Since she was curious and not rigid with fear I decided it might be time to introduce Willow to the one thing that I know dogs can't do without, and no I'm not talking about butt scratches.  I'm talking about doggie kryptonite, aka creamy peanut butter cups, and did she ever go for it.
While she was enjoying her new treat I brought my hand up to pet her on the head and she did jump the first time, although she didn't stop eating which is a good sign.  I slowly brought my hand up again and she jumped but not as bad.  By the time I brought my hand up a third time she was so involved with the peanut butter that she didn't even flinch and she got some head rubs as well.  By now she had her spay surgery and she was getting ready to go to her new home but her mom wouldn't arrive until the next day.  Unfortunately, Willow's body would change those plans a bit.
By now Willow had some issues with going to potty because she had developed a blood clot from the spay surgery so she had to spend a few days at the vet just to make sure she was ok but she was still very skinny and not really sure what to make of all of this.  After a few days as the vet and a stylish pink vest her new mom brought to help hold her bandages on she was ready to go home.  She has 3 doggie siblings, two French Bulldogs and a very loud little Pomeranian that protests about EVERYTHING.  I have an aunt like that too.
I'm just making sure she's ok and she's making sure she got her hugs in before she went to her new home.  I got to meet her doggie siblings and they are all cool and I told her she would be fine and I would see her again because I talked to her mom about doing a photo shoot with her once she heals.  And of course we shared another peanut butter cup before she left and I got the best gift ever, sloppy peanut butter kisses from a happy Great Dane.  That was December 22nd.
Fast forward to March 9th, 2017 and see Willow all healed up and modeling for her first photo shoot with me and working that new Panda Land collar like a $5,000 dress.  Willow is the original model I wanted for the Panda Land design because of her obvious resemblance with markings but schedules couldn't be lined up so I wanted to have a backup plan with Lou & Rogue but as it turns out I both of their photo sets so much that I used both.  Look at how gorgeous she is.
And of course, I had to spoil her again because I can.  Peanut butter for dogs is a lot like pizza for humans, it's not good unless you make a huge mess while eating.  She deserves all the peanut butter and loves because she did an awesome job on her very first photo shoot but I can promise you it won't be her last.  I love this big goofy girl.  Look at that bubble gum nose.



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