Brian, level with me.  Can you really get a good photo of my pet?  How does all this work?
The answer to both questions are ABSOLUTELY!  And I shall show you...follow me.
Choosing Your Photographer
Pets are a great addition to your family.  They provide sheer happiness and tons of entertainment.  Their personalities are what endear them to us throughout our lives.  Why not capture that personality with some awesome professional photos of your pet?  Choosing the RIGHT photographer is just as critical for your pets as for your human family members.  You want your pets to be happy & safe so they can let their personalities come through in photographs.  Style is just as important as the pets personality and you want a photographer that you and your pet feel comfortable with.
Booking A Session
We book sessions during the week and on weekends!  Nashville does have some rapidly changing weather during all seasons so please check with us for specific time of day for your session.  Session fee is due in full at the time of booking.  We’re happy to reschedule your session in the event of inclement weather or illness, but we ask that you give us as much notice as possible.
Choose Your Location
Home is always a great choice, especially for cats and shy dogs.  If you have a couch potato pet like I do it's often the only choice.  Parks and quiet urban areas are nice choices, too.  Ultimately, it’s up to you and where you and your pets will be most comfortable and safe.  We generally don't like to shoot in or directly near dog parks because distractions are too high.  After all we want your pet focused being themselves rather than what's happening "over there."  We can also photograph your pet in a studio environment if they are sensitive to temperature such as dogs with short snouts like bulldogs.  I have a bulldog myself and don't like for her to be outside in the heat!  Locations within 30 miles one way of Franklin, Tennessee are covered in your session fee!  There are MANY awesome locations for pet photographs and you can see samples of those in our GALLERIES so please check those out!
Preparing For Your Session
While professionally grooming your pet is nice before a big photo shoot, it's not a requirement.  I have an English Bulldog and a Boxer, both short hair breeds that just need a good brushing, clean their eyes and drool with a towel and off we go!  If you have a furry breed I would recommend a thorough brushing before their session.  As long as you provide basic grooming care daily for your pet there shouldn't be any problems at all.
It is often said that "A tired dog is a happy dog."  While this is true for relaxing at home after a good day of exercise and play, tired dogs can get frustrated easily during sessions that go too long.  It's a good idea to walk your dog prior to the session to release any anxious energy.  If your session coincides with an eating time, feed them less than normal but still allow them to eat a few hours prior to the session.  If they aren't full they will be more responsive to treats, and who doesn't love treats right?
WATER IS A MUST!  Bring water, water bowls (and even ice during the summer) for your session.  Cooling wraps or vests are also great ways to keep your pet cool during an outdoor session.
By all means bring props that make your pet unique.  A dapper collar, favorite toys and cute accessories can enhance the session but aren’t necessary.
Your pet’s safety during this session is our number one priority.  You must be present for the entire duration of the session.  If you have concerns about your dog being off-leash during the session, please use the leash.  We will bring long leads to your session so your dog can be safely controlled while you yourself are not in the shot.  As much as it pains me to say this I have to because it has happened before.  NO PRONG, PINCH OR SHOCK COLLARS ARE ALLOWED DURING YOUR SESSION.  NO EXCEPTIONS!
While the primary focus of this session is your four-legged friend, we absolutely welcome you to join in for some of the shots!  Even if you don’t wish to be included, do be mindful of what you wear as you will likely appear (at least in part) in some of the images.  Pets looking up at their owners while standing next to them are incredibly likely to happen during your session, and you will LOVE them displayed in your home.
About two weeks after your session, we’ll email you with a link to your own private online proofing gallery! This will contain up to 30 edited images for you to review, choose your favorites and order products.  This gallery is only available online for 14 days, so you’ll want to be sure to set aside time to place your order during this timeframe.
Our average client invests about $1,000 in products.  All product payments will be due in full before the order is delivered.
For payment, we accept Cash, Check, PayPal and all major credit cards.
Receiving Your Orders
Depending on your order, your beautiful new products will be delivered to you in about 2 to 3 weeks.  Now all that’s left to do is enjoy!  When we deliver your order, we’ll also give you some referral cards exclusive to you.  Membership in our referral program is our way of thanking you for sharing our work with your friends and family!
What’s a model release?  We use model releases as legal release signed by you granting us permission to publish the photographs from your session. We ask our clients to sign this release so that we may share the images of your pets on our blog, portfolio and Facebook page.  Dogs are social animals and we want to show your awesome pets to all our friends and family!
How will my pet's images be used?  You can expect to see images from your session proudly displayed in a number of possible ways: on our blog, in our web portfolio, on our product samples, on promotions for our business, on our social media channels, etc. We do not sell images of our clients to stock image agencies or other commercial enterprises.  Corporate clients may see your images and request to use one of them in a promotion, we would of course only allow them to do so if you gave us permission to do so.  You might have the Next Top Dog Model and not even know it!
Do I get the RAW image files?  I answer with a firm, but friendly absolutely not.  RAW images are just that, raw.  No artist I'm aware of will share their work unedited.  Literally hundreds of photos are shot during your session and if every shot was made available there would be no magic in your pet's session.  We take care to produce high quality photographs of your pets and we take great pride in that honor.  We want you to be blown away with the "best of the best" not hundreds of the "just ok."
Do I get the copyright to the images?  Again a firm, but friendly no.  You DO have the ability to purchase images for your personal use and enjoyment.  We take great care with our work and we don't want it to be misrepresented by handing over ownership to anyone but us.  We love you guys, but copyright ownership remains with us, the creators of the images.
Do you sell full resolution digital images?  You guessed it: a firm, but friendly no.  There are so many printing companies available these days that's hard to keep track of the quality coming out of each one of them.  We use Miller Labs and their affiliates because we know their work and trust that our client's images will come out flawless each and every time.
Why should I order my prints/photo products through you?  We ensure that all of your prints, canvases and photo products are optimized and color corrected for printing.  All prints are professionally printed on quality paper to ensure that your memories are preserved for a lifetime.