Kick Ice For Rescue is a public service campaign that increases awareness of how awesome rescue animals are. The Birmingham Bulls owner Art Clarkson (deceased) was well aware of the connection animals and humans have. They welcomed us in with open arms and as you can see they have animal lovers all in the locker room. We couldn't be happier for these pets and people and their message is contagious. Dogs featured in this campaign are from Shelby County Humane Society, Two By Two Rescue, Falco's Friends & the Michigan Humane Society.
Tallulah & Craig SimchukLaci & Taylor DickinCrosby & Justin LarsonJunior & Sam WilliamsTaylor Dickin (19), Craig Simchuk (10), Justin Larson (11), Sam Williams (6), & Bart (00)MJ & Joe Tolles (20)Charlie & BrittanyOtis & CharlotteCleo & PaytonBama, Bear & BlakeleyBart giving his new team a pep talk before practice.No no no, this is how you do it!Bart on a breakaway!Bart demonstrating proper slapshot technique.DEFENSE! DEFENSE! DEFENSE!Woah.  That's Taylor Freakin' Dickin.  GOAL!Laci asking to do some sprints with Josh Harris.Junior is just here for the petting party.