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The Tattoos & Rescues project was started in September 2012 in Birmingham, Alabama. The project seeks to combat stereotypes that all rescue animals are damaged or unable to be adopted due to trauma or abuse. But this project is so much more than just another rescue advocacy medium, I also noticed a major parallel with rescue animals and people with tattoos facing prejudices. One of my friends got a memorial tattoo on his neck for his 4 year old son that died. He was fired the next day for having this tattoo which was showing his love for his son with art and self expression. This is nothing short of bullying, it's not fair and needs to be stopped. Not all visibly tattooed people are in hate groups, just like not all pit bulls are vicious. Support your local animal rescue and advocacy groups before judging the animals. Ask a person why they have the tattoo they do before you judge them.

While there are several pit bulls featured in Tattoos & Rescues the project is all inclusive and I hope to include many different types of animals in the future. I have heard abuse and prejudice stories from all over the U.S. involving horses, birds, dogs, cats and snakes just to name a few. This project is listed as a WORK IN PROGRESS and will likely continue until I can't photograph for it any longer.

I have met some incredible people while shooting these photos and some even more incredible animals. The things that they have seen and been through are some of the most heart-wrenching yet inspiring stories you will ever hear. Tattoos & Rescues is a labor of love for me because these stories need to be told. You will never hear how bad a situation is from a manager, you will hear it from the people in the trenches, DOING THE WORK. I am beyond honored to share these rescue stories with you and I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy bringing and sharing them with the world. Thank you very much for your interest in Tattoos & Rescues.

"Get Educated. Get Involved. Make A Difference."

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